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Monday, December 8, 2008

Leech Lunch

Erk ! I felt nauseated when I saw thousand of leeches in the fish tank.

There is a stall open over the weekend at BP Mall for leech therapy.

Basically you feed the leech with your blood at RM10 each !

They place the leech at your desired area, generally the feet, knee, forehead, neck, ear etc etc. The leech is set to find the desired spot to bite and suck your blood. Once bitten, you get to see the leech slowly becomes fat! Apparently the bite sting feels like red-ant bite!

The full-stomach leech will then be removed into a different bucket, not sure what happen to the leech, cast away ? hahaha

The bitten spot is patch with gauze to clean/clear some blood trail. GROSS !

1 comment:

zd said...

eee.....hopefully those ankles and knees are not myra/yasmin/haleef...yucks...
lis do you not remember leeches at abg nan's vege patch during rainy season?eeee....