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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Picky on Foods

Rice + Ketchup + Cucumber

That was what my son wanted for dinner.
Sigh - to think of it, when I was small, I do remember demanding Rice + Ketchup + Ommelette...hehehe Deejavu!

As the food are served, we add extra dishes to entice him ... chicken nugget + fried chicken.
He ate all of them .. BRAVO

Kids, as I understand, sometimes rebels when it comes to eating. But when the dishes are served, they would just eat them gracefully.

Moms out there, make PEACE during eating time, you do not want any MESS on the dinning table.... *smiles*

1 comment:

zd said...

lis, u mean kicap not ketchup.kicap is soy sauce. ketchup is tomato or cili sos/ketchup..hope that's awwite..