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Sunday, May 25, 2008

School Holiday

26 May till 6 June is a school holiday ! some colleges have mid-term holiday as well.

The holiday rush started on Friday night 23 May. Outbound KL traffic is jam starting as early as 9 pm. I was stuck in the traffic and decided to use inbound KL road to reach my destination. It is a longer route but with less traffic.

Saturday was a bless, there was not many people in town and my grocery shopping at market and Tesco was a breeze.

Sunday morning was relaxing and a quick drive at Tasik Titiwangsa shows less crowd with better / shorter queue for the Eye on Malaysia ride. In fact, there was a mini-circuit remote car race at the lake.

Later that evening, we went for jog at the Pandan stadium. It was an excellent weather and kids had wonderful time.

Can you see the trend ? When it comes to school holidays, KL town is less crowded and better traffic. Most of city-folkes take leaves to spend holiday with the family. Having said that, some non-city-folkes, decided it would be a best time to visit KL for its tourist attraction and malls.

For now, Im blessed that my kids are still small and have not learn to demand holiday trips during school holidays.

I do plan some holidays but it is a secret, will tell you once we made it !

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