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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Levis Button - embedded

Levis at Berjaya Times Square was having sales this month ! Both jeans and docker pants.

Selected items were on 40% to 50% discount and are placed at certain section of the boutique. I ran through the jeans and to my disappointment - non suits me !

My hubby is a lucky person. So far, most of the shops that we went in, he will get something ! Most of the time - clothes and pants. In Levis boutique, he managed to get another good bargain for docker pants !

While waiting for him, I found a huge Levis button embedded on the floor at the dressing room. It is solid metal like disc. Pretty sight ya ...

p/s: I like my blue shoe, it complements my jeans

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zd said...

cool shoes..balik ni kene pinjam huh...heheh