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Friday, November 21, 2008

Trimming Not-My Garden

2 Nov 2008

Does the title sounds funny ? Literally that is what I actually did !

I like gardening and wanted to trim some of MY plants. It has been raining few days so I kept postphone until one fine day. I already bought new plant cutter, it is very sharp, so trimming should be a breeze !

To my dissapointment, when the fine day has arrived, I noticed that my mom has trimmed the garden ! Sigh .... this ichy hand still wants to trim plants...

So I was looking up and down my mini garden for some snipping. There was none. When I stood up, looking over my fence, I saw PLANTS to be trimmed ! hehehe ... it was my neighbours' unattended plants.

There were Pudding plant, Bouganvilla plant, some kind of Rattan plant and Bunga Siantan plant. So we allow ourselves to trim the plants. Starting with the Bouganvilla !

Wow, so many thorns, I had few cuts here and there but trimming has never been fun ! But being to enthusiatic, we over trim the plants... OPS !!

From bushy, wild plants to bushless plants ...HAHAHAHA

Hey, look at the bright side, we cleared the place, it looks brighter :)

Till today, as I look over my fence, I kept smilling at the plants (trying hard to grow few new leaves and buds). My neighbour ? I think they could not have been happier ... no complaints so far :)

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