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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Noodle Station

Lately, I have been craving to eat out..

So we did and had lunch at Noodle Station in Alamanda Putrajaya.
It was a 15 min drive, so what a heck.

We were on Level 5 and let the kids enjoy playing in the indoor playground. Parkson was having some sales but I was in no shoping mood (thank god !)

By noon, we decided to try Noodle Station which was just across the playground (how convenient). They had plenty of noodle menus plus some western dishes. The prices are very reasonable, RM 5-7 per bowl and it is quite a big servings.

We ordered noodle soup for kids, HB had curry noodle and I had asam laksa noodle. The noodle had a funny wriggle shape. I FORGOT to take some photos as we were so engross in making sure the kids eat the noodle.

It took us almost 1.5 hours to finish the noodles. This is true if you have kids who does not sit still ! hehehe

To let the food settle down, we went window shop at Parkson and the kids got themselves (for eating and behaving well today) a set of stationery.

Everyone is happy, we went home and welcome a heavy rain till 5 pm. I had a great snooze :)

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