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Friday, November 28, 2008

Sarawak Laksa - Laksa Shack

Im on leave today to send my kids for Concert reheasal at Hotel Maluri. It starts at 9 am. I did not want to go home because I may end up taking 4000 winks !!

So, I waited patiently for 10am for JJ Maluri to open for business. I have a quick window shopping but there was nothing for kids, my home or myself. It was not frustrating though because I do not have the shooping "mood" and JJ sales only starting tomorrow.

By 11am, I decided to go for branch (I forgot I did not take breakfast =) this morning).

So I ordered Sarawak Laksa.
I love Sarawak laksa for its spicy gravy. Maybe next time I learn to prepare this dish.

The laksa has rice noodle, pieces of chicken, fish cakes and prawns. You must eat while it is hot hot hot. It taste so heavenly.

And to add to their menu, they also prepare Nasi Kunyit for wedding or cultural events - so convenient !

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zd said...

lis, i love all kinds of laksa but i always forget to go to laksa shack.the no of times that we go to megamall and then forget and had eaten something else.
u tau tak..my first laksa was at globe silk store..years ago.in one sitting, i had laksa johor followed by laksa penang...sedappnyer...