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Friday, November 21, 2008


I like being candor especially with family and close friends.

This is Aishah. A very bubbly person. When we first met, she was seated alone at her cubicle far far away from her collegue. So it would be most appropriate for us to be friend her.

She has an amazing smile and laugh. Being young, she is pure innocent in her action and words. It reminds so much of myself when Im young. Free and happy as a lark !

Bonus point for Aishah is that she fits in well with us. There are time we tested her by penalising her for simple things, but she knew it just a test that she reacted well.

Aishah has many friends. All are bubbly and chirpy !

When the office is too quiet, we knew that Aishah is out/not at her cubicle :)

With Aishah, things can get crazy easily. Camera phone is a must to capture those candor moments ! I do feel energise when Aishah is around. If she is not, I will try energise those around me to be as candor as possible.

You must appreciate life, as time is too precious to be wasted.

Be candor, give love and smile always. It is beautiful !

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