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Monday, November 17, 2008

New Panasonic Fridge

There was a saying, if you have fridge/car or anything in possesion for 10 years and it is working fine, DO NOT talk about getting a new one. Yours will suddenly broke down or throw tantrum ! This is true.

My sister moved into new house with new furniture and household good. We were impressed with the new BIG Sharp fridge. It is higher than me :). Back home, we were comparing our old LG fridge which is shorter, smaller but is working fine.

Few days later, the fridge starting to defrost. My parents were at home and there are plenty of grocery/vegetables that went rot. It was smelly and we resorted to storing the grocery in Fish box. However, with the hot weather, nothing cools.

Quincident enough, Carefour/Jusco is having fridge sale. After 2 days of scouting and comparing prices, we bought a new Panasonic fridge.

Hehe Now we have NEW, BIG fridge and it is TALLER than me :) Panasonic fridge stores frozen food at the bottom. Apparently 70% of time, we use non-frozen area and that is why it is placed on the top instead (to aviod back ache, it says). I like the fact that frozen food has its own bucket and this avoids blood (fish/meat) stains.

So far so good, just that I need to fill up my 600L fridge ! It looks so empty now hehehe

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sensei said...

and actually a fridge with freezer at the bottom consumes less energy.. so, you got a good one there.. :)

sensei a.k.a fauzan