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Monday, November 17, 2008

Car Scratch - Ouch !

Oh well, they say, you can never escape from scratching a car !

That what happen on 13/11/08.

Every morning, I will use my normal route to send kids to kindergarten. There are always vehicle park at the corner of the road and I would drive carefully through it.

That morning, somehow I scratch my car against a BIG lorry. Sigh, what a sight ! I tried making a fight (which Im not good at) with the lorry driver and later decided to just drive away and send my kids off to school.

The whole day, I felt miserable. It is a new car, 5 months old ...sob sob. My HB was composed when he heard the news (cool eh).
That Saturday we went to Toyota service centre to estimate knock and paint job. An estimation of RM 600 would make the car look new. Apparently Toyota has "paint job" services and "sporty accessories upgrade" service. How convenient !
My next task is to figure out, how to go to work when my car is in the workshop for 3 solid days.

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