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Friday, November 28, 2008

Curry Noodle - Old White Coffee

My kid-brother is good at food tasting.

If I cook and he said it is good, I did a great job, otherwise I have to improvise the taste.

Being single, my kid-bro eats out most of the time and there he practices his tongue for GREAT food tasting.

Lately, he recommended me to taste Curry Noodle. I never like Curry noodle because I felt it is too oily and it is just noodle and curry. To my surprise, the Old White Coffee is near my office and we decided to go for lunch during workday.

My oh my, it looks hot (oily too!) and amazingly taste great !

I ordered Old White Tea as well (which is actually Teh Tarik ...)

If you are not so hungry,, you can also order half-boiled eggs with toast for lunch.

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zd said...

nud must take me there...yummy...