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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Yasmine's First Day of School

5 January 2009

Today is Yasmine's first day of school at SK Taman Maluri.

All of us were excited and anxious for the day. Yasmine is all set, dressed in her new school outfit, pink school bag and new pair of shoes.

Yasmine is in class 1 Rajin. Her class teacher's name is Nini. *giggle*

During public assembly, students are to queue according to their classes. Parents gather at the school gate. There was not enough space to squeeze everyone at the assembly spot.

Students are then ushered to their respective classes.

Yasmine got a good seat, in the middle, under the fan. She was quiet and shy.

Anxious / excited parents peek their kids via class windows and class front door ! Some parents are actually in the class !

We waited at the canteen and let Yasmine digest her new friends, teacher and school.

Yasmine first day of school went well. We are proud of Yasmine as she did not shed any tears !

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