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Friday, October 9, 2009

First Baby Bath

23 September 2009

It is Deena's first baby bath!

The grandma decided to demonstrate baby bath at the kitchen! hahaha

Things required: Baby basin, baby bath liquid, handy cloth, towel, a set of clean clothes.

A room temperature water.

First, make sure the baby did not just had her milk, it will vomit if too much movement. (baby's stomach is small). Remove the clothes gentle and clean the baby (if it had urinated or BO).

Next, dampen the baby's body with wet cloth (by doing this, baby will not get a rude shock when you bathe her) and slowly add soap to the cloth. Massage the soap on the baby, gently and quickly. We do not want the baby to shiver.

Lastly, rinse the baby in the basin. A quick front and back wash. The baby will keep quiet if she takes it well (ie likes to play water).

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