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Monday, July 28, 2008

Starbuck Coffee Treat

During the 2-day team building outing, we had to complete a game called High Rope. Basically ropes are tied between 6-8 trees. The most scary part is getting across 2 trees with 3 vertical ropes to cling on.

I learned that you need to be calm, listen to instruction and you get pass the task easily. Somehow, when you are too scared, everything went wrong.
A girl friend of ours are too scared to budge from the High Rope that we promised her that if she complete the task we will treat her Starbuck drink (her ALL time FAVOURITE). Amazingly, she got the courage to move and complete the task..

One thing good was that, before completing the task, she counter offer for the BOSSes to treat ALL of us Starbuck coffee.

So there we are, 40 of us, swarming Starbuck Coffee at the Weld on nice Friday evening. We chatted for half an hour before making our way home for the weekend.

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