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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Al-Rawsha Restaurant

We had a fine dinner at Al-Rawsha Restaurant.

It is an Iran restaurant at Jalan Damai of Jalan Ampang. A quiet street with many bungalow houses. Most of the houses have been converted into restaurants, spa and small companies.

Instead of going for buffet in the same hotel, we thought a change of atmosphere would be nice. We reached at 8 pm, no crowd and easy to find parking space. We had a looked at the menu and went blank for a moment.

The dishes name are totally new and we do not know what to expect. Maybe they need to put up more dishes photos to increase our appetite.

Anyway, we ordered rice with lamb and chicken, some salad, humus plus drinks. The lamb is so tender that we had to order extra! (It taste so much better than Tarbush restaurant).

Later, we tried Barbican, a malt drink. It taste like zapple with lemon flavour. By 10.30 pm, we made our way home. We had a great night and it felt like having a buffet !


Anonymous said...


It's not Iranian..its a Lebanese restaurant instead. Get your facts right :)

dear dally said...

TQ for the note. Really cannot differentiate them.