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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Kuih-Muih Berbuka Puasa

My office is food heaven.

During lunch time, non fasting month, first you get to see many stalls selling lunch packs, mix rice, home cook dishes. Later you will notice there are stalls selling fruits, bakery stuff (cakes, cookies, breads), frozen stuff (frozen roti canai, donut, curry puffs) and accessories (scarfs, bracelets, handbags etc)

During fasting month, there is some variation. Most stalls sells dry stuff. Not many sell home cook food. New stalls selling cakes.

The cakes or kuih muih traditional are fresh and comes in many shapes and colours.
The price has incease to 5 pieces for RM2. Back in Batu Pahat, 8 pieces for RM 2. See the price difference !

So be wise when buying them, do not follow your greedy appetite.

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