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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Shoe Mania

I used to have dozens of shoes - from kitten-heels to flatforms.

It all started when I first got my pay chq and I wanted to reward myself. Then it became an obsession of colours! I did not have a shoe rack then, so shoes are piled up in boxes (labelled nicely). I then had the opportunity to work in Singapore for awhile and my collection went into wild colours and designs!

Shoe shops and/or labels would be the common Vincci, Nose, Bonia, Hush Puppies, Sonny San which you can grab at the KLCC, Lot 10, Pavillion, Jaya Jusco (in my case lar...)

I realised that in order to buy more shoes, I need to rationalise myself. I decided to discard old fashion shoes. My sisters were happy-not, they could not fit my size, so my mom happily absorb my collections.

I noticed that I love to walk with my heels and when it is broken, I opted to wear a different one instead of repairing it. Soon, all shoes are broken. Ouch! And slowly it went into the bins.

I decided to stop buying many shoes but instead to go for high quality shoes, which supposedly last longer. To-date, I only wear my few favourite shoes until it really tears (or looks ugly). I do keep sexy shoes for special events.

Now, I believe men are the same! I do have male friends who have collection of sports shoe (sports like tracking, tennis, soccer, futstal, golf). Hmm.. and I only have one pair of decent sport shoe!

So, do we really need many shoes to fit many occasions ?

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