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Monday, March 10, 2008

Petrosains at KLCC

Seriously, it is worth a trip to Petrosains. At RM 12, an adult get to spend min 2 hours (I did 5 hours!) explore what Science has to offer. There are so many exhibits and simulators that excite visitors of all ages.

I tried a "mind-game" ie you control an object with your mind! It takes two person to play the game and the winner is the one who manages to get a small ball across opposite side. Mind you, it is very tiring game especially if you have a very good opponent!

At RM 2, you get to slam hard the accelarator when you try the Go-Kart simulator. You get to select type of car and speed track - so choose a difficult one and feel the "maximum" impact.

A rather long queue for a helicopter-simulator ride. It flies through both good and bad weather at very short distance. Imagine the experiences and please fasten your seat belt!

There is also a simulator for football goal keeper - this is facinating and now I understand it is not easy to stop the balls from scoring!

After the 5 hours of unexpected journey, we head home, had a good lunch and had 4000 winks.

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