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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Super Mugs

29 Dec 2009

It is not customary for us to buy gifts for Christmas, but there are many cute items for sale during Christmas.

While we gazed through items for sale, we found cute big mugs. We bought the followings:

1. Superman and Superwoman mugs
- this is for Zied's birthday present
- I know Zied's seldom have hot drink, may if she needs one, there is a mug ready for her!

2. Grandma and Granddad
- we thought it would be nice to buy a pair of mugs for our parents
- both sides got a pair

3. Mum's hot and Cool dad
- obviously we bought one for ourselves !
- I am sooo full when I drink using this mug (so can you image hot deep is the mug)

Maybe, next time I will find smaller mugs for my 3 kids... hehehe

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