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Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunway Lagoon on boxing day

26 Dec 2009

It was a great timing - there was not much crowd and the weather is kind. We get to buy tickets at a discount if we produce our mykad. And we were given a cool water resistant wrist "watch" instead the norm wrist band.

Upon entry, no food or drink is allowed, if you have water bottle, you have to empty them first. There are water cooler at the park for you to replenish your water bottle.

We first tried the merry-go-round ride. It was my first (as an adult, never ride one when Im small) and first for the kids. Kids love it, I felt dizzy a bit.

Then Zied (my sister) tried the boat-swing that swung 360 degree! Zied's face was first flush red, then pink pale but she turn out fine after the ride.

After the dry park, we rushed to wet park to enjoy the swim. The best part is when we rented a double-float and all 5 adults, 2 kids have a ride in the moving-stream. It was fun fun fun wet wet wet !!!

Suddenly, lightning strike and all visitors are rushed to safety. It was fun fun fun.

Next time (if there is one), we plan to go sky glyding and more dry park rides !

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