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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Flamingo Bowl Centre

I volunteered to play bowling with our business partner out of goodwill. I had not touch bowling ball for more than 5 years! And to my shock, it was a competition ! at Flamingo bowl centre in Ampang.

Being simple me, we played the game with fun and boy we sure had fun!

Our partner team was playing to win and how stress they were. You should see how they put so much energy is throwing the ball, twist their legs like pro-players and up-fist when they strike the pins! We clapped with joy when they score and clapped with joy (still) when they spare some pins.

There were 19 teams all together and all we thought it was a 4 team game. Ghee, my friend sure knows how to con me. Anyway, the goodside, my lunch for the next one week is paid for ...hahaha

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